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About Us



"As an educator and private tutor there have been times where in conversation about a student's  academic progress or the ability of an adult to achieve career success; that  it was expressed that every day life necessities became a temporary inconvenience  with meeting individual needs and being able to afford the necessary learning supports or  strategies that foster academic or career success. ."



Positive affirmations, creative

expressions and inspirational verses have been instrumental elements that connects daily lessons to real world experiences as well as motivate and inspire adults and students to become who they are predestined to be. 

“I Am predestined for greatness; so, I come boldly to my future speaking the greatness within of who I shall be… Equipped with the knowledge of purpose and open to receive new tools for learning… I now commit to become the leader I was created to be”.  

Collaborative Leadership


 “Leadership Belief: With collaborative leadership and collaborative partnerships and a solid foundational

curriculum base for all, children and adults can become empowered with social emotional and academic tools and strategies which will equip individuals for academic and career success.”