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"To empower children & adults with learning strategies, skills &  inspirational verse  that foster life, academic & career success."

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What We Believe: “We envision a system where students progress  is based upon mastery of a skill or topic, rather than a score on a test. Every learner is unique and his or her ability to retain information varies. “Let’s get back to Student Centered Learning”. Leadership beyond the walls of the classroom entails collaborative leadership and collaborative partnerships which empower children and adults with learning strategies and skills that foster achievement, self-efficacy, and career success. Purpose Driven Knowledge; Private Tutoring & Writing Services  provides opportunity to reach students and families beyond the walls of the classroom and demolish the wall of self-doubt, fear, and mind restraints which hinder learning, dreaming, and build individuals to become who they were created to be.

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 Has your scholar met expectations  in major subject areas? Get a head start and equip your scholar with the skills needed to launch them into academic success."

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"We can’t say enough about Ms. Marcella Lockes. She is such a great educator and an inspiration. She has been tutoring our 1st grader for a couple months now.  She's very patient and takes the time to make sure he understands before moving on. She’s resourceful and innovative in her teaching style. Words cannot express our gratitude for having found Ms. Lockes."

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Every individual was created to fulfill a predestined purpose in life. Often we let fear hinder us from moving forward; or our mindset get in the way of asking for help. Step out on faith and become equipped with the tools you need. Schedule a session and get equipped. 

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